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Recipe filled mushrooms

Today I chose to cook something fast, healthy and delicious. It's hard to believe they have everything, right? If you try it, my recipe ,will see that I'm right. For this recipe I used: Ingredients: 1.Mushrooms 2.Salmon 3.Cheese shaved 4.Tomatoes 5.Basil (a few wires for the aroma) 6.Salt 7.Pepper Method of preparation! Clean the mushrooms,… Continue reading Recipe filled mushrooms


8 Foods that protect you from flu and cold

Fever, stuffy nose or chills are just some of the symptoms that bother you when you're cold. Your mood is not a good one at all, and everything around you seems to be depressing just because you're cold. To prevent colds and to strengthen your immune system, here's what to eat: Garlic. To strengthen the… Continue reading 8 Foods that protect you from flu and cold


Best Cancer Treatment – Tibetan Mushroom?

When they discovered it on the high plateaus in the Tibetan Plateau, the scientists did not know how to classify this organism as coming from another planet. The locals were saying that winter is an animal, so that summer can turn into grass, and that it heals all the diseases. It took years of laboratory… Continue reading Best Cancer Treatment – Tibetan Mushroom?